Flying Machine

by Emma Ballantine

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Fabrizio "Raw" and more aggressive EP that explains Emma's influences and spirit. Not straightforward on first listen, pleasant and genuine after playing it a few times... Favorite track: Don't Let Go.
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released August 14, 2012

Produced and recorded with David Rael, London 2012. Featuring Anna Curzon



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Emma Ballantine UK

Emma Ballantine is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in North London. An established and popular artist on the UK and European live scenes, her melodic lines and insistent hooks have picked up support from BBC 6 Music and a range of London radio stations, with Resonance FM describing her as “a unique voice among modern songwriters”. ... more

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Track Name: Flying Machine
Flying Machine

Once a man fell in love with the sky
He looked up and he made up his mind
He gathered all the feathers he could find
And he bade his time

Well this man with his head in the clouds
Got a bona fide science degree
He said 'now I can build my flying machine'
Just you wait and see

Well he built himself a studio on the seventeenth floor of the highest block he could find
Leaving the world behind

Nuts and bolts
String and glue
Paper drawings, white on blue
Painted pieces all numbered through
'I built this all' he said 'for you, yes I built this all for you'

Well a girl on the same block as he
Climbed the staircase one day just to see
She said 'I'm in love with the same sky too
Won't you take me with you?'

'Oh no' he said, 'you don't understand,
It's a dream in my head, I have built it by hand'
'I'll go', she said, as the gentleman tried to explain

He said 'nuts and bolts
Blood and tears
All my ambition for all these years
Private hopes and lonely fears
I cannot share this', he said 'with you
No I cannot share this with you'

Well the seventeenth floor went quiet one day
And the girl climbed the staircase to say 'it's okay
So many plans we make never come to anything anyway'
And she saw that the living room window was open
And nothing remained of the man that she'd spoken to
Just a dent on the bed as a clue that he'd been there at all

'Oh', she said, 'you built your machine'
And she pictured him swimming in the clouds that she could see
'Oh', she said, 'I wish I could have seen
The moment when you made it to the sky'

Oh nuts and bolts
String and glue
Oh we watch them fly, but we don't know where to
'I'll build this all', she said, 'for you, yes I'll build this all for you'
Track Name: Unspoken Rules
Unspoken Rules

Warm champagne
You poured it in the park that day
You said that we should celebrate
While we were young
Well I held my tongue
But I kept that cork
It's sitting in a box in that drawer
With all the things I hoard

What would you say if you knew I fell in love that day?
Sitting on the summer grass, passing round a plastic glass
I knew in my heart you didn't feel the same
So I bit my lip, and I took the pain

All those years ago
I thought I'd outgrow the way you had me feeling then
And all the pictures show nothing has changed
But everything's all unspoken

Oh the Ace of Spades
I saw it in the hand you played
D'you think I didn't know you let me win?
I played along with everything
I kept that card
I use it as an old bookmark
And every time I turn the page
It takes me to another age


Unspoken rules keep our eyes closed, our minds closed and
Unspoken rules keep our hands tied, but it's all unspoken
Track Name: Don't Let Go
Don't Let Go

Yesterday my car went off the road, I could have died
Upside down behind the steering wheel feeling cold inside
And as the rain came down, I wondered if they'd find me
No one knew where I should be and no one came

I made a wish, I made a few - well what else could I do?
I don't know how to pray
And in the gloom, in the darkness of a single room
I laid on my back and a made up my mind

Cause we are always on our own
People come and people go
So we find a hand, a hand to hold
While we make our plans and we seek our gold
And all we ever know is don't let go

Back from the grave, that's how it feels to see your face today
Funny what it takes to make you see
Too much was left unsaid and I can't stand the silence
Life's too short not to say how you feel


Well they towed that car away
Oh it never drove another day
But in a funny way it brought me to your door
And I won't play those silly games any more

Cause we are always on our own
People come and people go
So we find a hand, a hand to hold
While we dream our dreams to keep out the cold
Track Name: This Morning
This Morning

It begins
A dusty spring creeps in
Just when you thought you'd lost the sun for good
And it's strange, when you don't believe in change
That the planets turn and the world surprises you again

And a smile begins to form
And you pass it on as you go on your way
And oh, the leaves have yet to grow back again
But you know they're on their way

No one's seen this morning before
It's a land that we've found
A new sound to hear
No one's seen the sun so bright lately
Or the sky so completely clear
It seems anything could go from here

So pick a chord in your mind
Find the words to define
This sense of the world coming clean

And a song begins to form
And the lights come on
Sing it just for yourself
Sing it under your breath as you go
Just loud enough to hear