by Emma Ballantine

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Fabrizio Catchy leading single and clever ballads make this EP a must for any lover of acoustic performers! And songs are even better when she sings them on stage! Favorite track: The Love I Seek.
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Recorded at Monnow Valley Studio with Producer Peter Waterman in January 2015. The five-track follow-up to Emma's debut EP, Flying Machine, features songs including The Love I Seek, Tourist and a cover of The Queen & The Soldier by Suzanne Vega.


released July 24, 2015

All songs except The Queen & The Soldier written and performed by Emma Ballantine
The Queen & The Soldier written by Suzanne Vega

Produced by: Peter Waterman
Mixed by: Warren Bassett
Mastered by: Warren Bassett, Mike Hillier
Recorded at: Monnow Valley, Liscombe Park
Recorded by: Liam Ross, Curtis ElVidge, Matthias Stefansson, Ryan McMasters

Vocals: Emma Ballantine, Elisa Jeffrey
Guitar: Emma Ballantine, Fernando Sanchez
Bass: John Rixon
Drums: Stuart Lawson
Cello: Asha McCarthy
Violin: Dan Cassidy
Trumpet: Erin Janacek

Artwork by: Studio Mothership



all rights reserved


Emma Ballantine UK

Emma Ballantine is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in North London. An established and popular artist on the UK and European live scenes, her melodic lines and insistent hooks have picked up support from BBC 6 Music and a range of London radio stations, with Resonance FM describing her as “a unique voice among modern songwriters”. ... more

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Track Name: The Love I Seek
The Love I Seek

It’s not enough
Whatever you might say it’s all too little too late
I’m counting down to zero but you want to wait
You say it’s safer just to stay

Your words are wearing thin
You’ve used them for so long the doubts are creeping in
Dust them off again, go on, once more with feeling
Try to make us both believe

But you see I want a love that swallows me whole
And I want a love that brands my soul
And I won’t stop till I’ve got it
No I won’t stop till I’ve got it
Can you find me a love that’s thicker than blood
That drowns my doubts in a tropical flood
That claims my body my heart my head

I want a love that leaves me dead

Weigh up the pros and cons
I see your calculation but your answer is wrong
And I’m not an equation or a final exam
Why can’t you love me as I am?


Well they say death do us part and that’s what I intend to do
I won’t be just a glorified friend to you
This kind of love is hard to find and hard to keep
So I’ll keep searching on till I find the love I seek

Track Name: Perfect Crime
Perfect Crime

You drew no blood so nothing ever happened in your mind
You left no evidence behind and so it’s hard to trace the damage back to you
You set your traps where only I’d be walking
Pulled the sharp teeth back and waited for my fall
And you felt no guilt
No guilt at all

The perfect crime
The perfect crime
The scars are out, are out of sight
My eyes are blind
My hands are tied
Your victim is in my mind

Your best disguise, you tell me that you love me
So it must be right, to find a way to silence me
To keep your secrets safe inside your heart
You’ve said too much, and I’m the only witness to this crime of love
The only one who knows
And so you keep me close

The perfect crime
The perfect crime
The scars are out, are out of sight
My eyes are blind
My hands are tied
Your victim is in my mind

You want it, so you take it
You stole my heart to break it
You fear it, so you kill it
Before it grows
Before anybody ever knows

The perfect crime
The perfect crime
The scars are out, are out of sight
My eyes are blind
You win this time
Your victim is in my mind

In my mind
Track Name: Tourist

I came for the sights
I came for the bright lights
I came to find what I could find
Burn an image in my mind
I was always moving on
I was making memories to take home

Before there was you
I’d never stayed more than a week or two
It wasn’t my style to settle
And this heart of metal
It had rusted right through

Cause ooh, I’m just passing through
We barely met at all
So I’m barely leaving you
Tell me this before I go
Is your heart built for this?
For falling in love with a tourist

You were my Rome
You were my second home
The closest I came to giving up the road and staying
And this pain of going
Is just a little less than staying still
You should have known I never will

Cause ooh, I’m just passing through
We barely met at all
So I’m barely leaving you
I’m just passing time
Take this shoe from me, it isn’t mine
And find another passer-by
Somebody who’ll stay
Tell me this before I go
Is your heart built for this?
For saying goodbye to a tourist
Track Name: The Queen & The Soldier
The Queen & The Soldier

A soldier came knocking upon the queen's door
He said, "I am not fighting for you any more"
And the queen knew she'd seen his face someplace before
And slowly she let him inside.

He said, "I've watched your palace up here on the hill
And I've wondered who's the woman for whom we all kill
But I am leaving tomorrow and you can do what you will
Only first I am asking you why?”

Down the long narrow hall he was led
Into her rooms with her tapestries red
And she never once took the crown from her head
As she asked him there to sit down.

He said, "I see you now, and you are so very young
But I've seen more battles lost than I have battles won
And I've got this intuition, says it's all for your fun
And now will you tell me why?"

The young queen, she fixed him with an arrogant eye
She said, "You won't understand, and you may as well not try"
But her face was a child's, and he thought she would cry
But she closed herself up like a fan.

She said, "I've swallowed a secret burning thread
It cuts me inside, and often I've bled"
And he laid his hand then on top of her head
And he bowed her down to the ground.

"Tell me how hungry are you? How weak you must feel
As you are living here alone, and you are never revealed
But I won't march again on your battlefield"
And he took her to the window to see.

And the sun, it was gold, though the sky, it was grey
And she wanted more than she ever could say
But she knew how it frightened her, and she turned away
And would not look at his face again.

He said, "I want to live as an honest man
To get all I deserve and to give all I can
And to love a young woman whom I don't understand
Your Highness, your ways are very strange."

But the crown, it had fallen, and she thought she would break
And she stood there, ashamed of the way her heart ached
And she took him to the doorstep and she asked him to wait
She would only be a moment inside.

And out in the distance her order was heard
And the soldier was killed, still waiting for her word
And while the queen went on strangling in the solitude she preferred
The battle raged on
Track Name: Fall

I was born in September when the leaves were turning brown
Halfway between the summer and the wintertime
And that may be why I never make up my mind, who knows?

I loved a man who tried but didn’t know how
And I loved a man who often let me down
And that may be why I never throw my heart around

Cause I would like to know why
Why we never learn anything in time to be wise
And in your case, I never learn at all
I just fall and fall and fall

Well if you saw the girl I am in front of you now
You’d think of something better you could say
So I’ll take this as your final bid
A better thing I never did than walk away


When I go, I hope they say that I was brave
Whatever heartache caution could have saved
Let them say that I was hopeful
Whatever hand I played